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Puppy Kindergarten:

This course is the foundation for all of your dog's future learning. It is for puppies between the ages of 12 and 18 weeks. Socialization is the main focus of this course but puppies will learn the basics for the commands, Sit, Down, Stand and Come when called. Type written notes are given to guide you through your training at home. Puppies enjoy an off leash play session where they learn to play with different breeds.

Beginners class:

This is our most popular course and is both for graduates of the Puppy Kindergarten course and for those who have not taken classes before. Dogs in this course are 5 months and older. There is no age limit for this course because all dogs can benefit from proper training. Type written notes are also handed out in this course so you can be sure that everyone involved in the dog's training are being consistent with commands and signals. We also work on problem solving such as door crashing, jumping up on people and walking properly on the leash.

Advanced Obedience:

The Advanced Obedience course is for people who enjoy training and want to train their dog to obey commands under distraction situations. Some students in this class will learn the basic exercises for the Canadian Kennel Club Companion Dog Class while others just want to have a very well trained dog.

All courses we teach are low stress environments for dog and handler. We enjoy teaching students and use only positive motivational methods. We encourage potential students to watch one of our classes prior to signing up so you can be sure of the quality of the class. All exercises are demonstrated with one of our dogs so students can see as well as follow in the notes how exercises are taught.

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